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DIY Decor, Easter, Holidays

Bunny Napkin Rings

Easter is coming.  Spring is here and everything is beginning and new again.  I love Easter and all that it represents.  If you’re an Effortless Girl, you already know that you don’t have to spend lots of money on an amazing Easter-scape.  Thus I give you Easter Bunny Napkin Rings!  This project takes about an hour for 10 rings.  You’ll…
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DIY Decor, Super Bowl

Super Bowl Trophy DIY

Winning the Lombardi Trophy is the whole point of the biggest game day of the year. Today’s project is a version of the trophy to use at your Super Bowl party as a centerpiece, photo prop, or to celebrate at the end of the game. This Super Bowl Trophy DIY uses items you either have at home or you can…
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DIY Decor, Holidays, Valentine's Day

Lipstick Heart Valentines

This Valentine project couldn’t be more simple, I’m being serious.  So I’ll be short and sweet with the explanation – Lipstick Heart Valentines.  We’re making the coolest (at least in my opinion) version of a Valentine Heart with dollar store lipstick and construction paper.  It’s affordable and kid friendly and makes a uniquely special Valentine in no time.  This project…
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DIY Decor, Holidays, Valentine's Day

Make a Wooden Heart

This post is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s rustic but sweet, thoughtful but not sappy. In other words, it celebrates Valentine’s Day without going overboard. You can Make a Wooden Heart for wall art or a miniature version on a card. The heart may also double for year round decor. The cost is under $20. Let’s go! Materials: Canvas Wood…
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effortless girl starburst mirror
DIY Decor, DIY Projects

Must Have DIY Mirror

I’m doing another project in the Effortless Girl not Expensive DIY series – The Must Have DIY Mirror. This mirror is very chic and doesn’t come with a designer price tag – and the starburst pattern is everywhere. The high end version retails for $99+ and the Effortless Girl version is $27 or less. It’s great way to revamp a…
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DIY Decor, Holidays, New Years Eve

DIY New Year’s Eve Decor

Christmas Day has come and gone…now is the time to pack up the decorations, take down the tree, and do something with the miles of lights that seem to knot themselves into oblivion every year.  This year, try something different instead of instantly packing your decorations.  Repurpose some of your ornaments, beads, and lights into festive DIY New Year’s Eve…
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Christmas, DIY Decor, Holidays

DIY Christmas Tree Decor

It’s crunch time for the holidays. I’m feeling the pressure both with my time and wallet. Today’s project is making trees for decor or gifts. The time commitment is minimal and the cost is about $5 each. This DIY Christmas Tree Decor makes easy teacher gifts or last minute party gifts you can make in about 15 minutes. By the…
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Christmas, DIY Decor, Holidays

DIY Christmas Trees

The holiday season is here in full force.  Each year I like to add something new to my decorations.  For the sake of time and money I needed quick but merry DIY Christmas Trees Decor.  So I made fast Christmas trees from old pieces of wood and recycled fall decorations in the process.  I ended up spending about $1 each…
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Christmas, DIY Decor, Holidays

Peppermint Holiday Plates

Santa’s Cookies are an important of Christmas preparations.  Everybody knows that Santa thinks better cookies equal better presents.  Make special Peppermint Holiday Plates to hold those all-important cookies for about one dollar and it takes 15 minutes or so.  Customize the plate using green and red mint candies to make holiday shapes or letters in your plate.  This technique also…
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DIY Decor, DIY Projects, Holidays

Glowing Orb DIY

‘Tis the season for LIGHTS! I love the lights of the holiday season, you never can have too many for me. However, those lights get expensive! So today’s Glowing Orb DIY takes penny pinching to a whole new level. We’re making Effortless Girl instead of Expensive (see my play on words)…These orbs are beautiful and currently retailing at a popular…
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