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Welcome to warm weather!  Everyone is running in and out of the house with cut grass covered feet and a door mat is a summer must-have.  Today we’ll craft DIY Door Mats to make your door feet-ready with a touch of style.  We’re giving it a little extra with sponge paint watermelon slices!  The cost is roughly $5-10 and you get to personalize a plain mat with simple sponge paint.  Make your door pop with an extra special watermelon welcome! Click Here for a quick how-to.


Car Wash Sponge
Tiny Paint Brush
Paper Plate (For dipping paint)
Pink, Green, Black Paint Tubes
Door Mat of your choice


Begin by cutting the sponge into watermelon slice and watermelon rind shapes.  I started with a knife but I ended up using scissors.

The scissors were easier and made the cuts more uniform.

I forgot to take photos of the paint process!!! Soooo, dip the sponge into a paper plate with a dab of pink paint in the center.  Rub the bottom of the sponge around the plate to completely saturate the sponge with paint.  Stamp a “slice” on the door mate wherever you’d like.  Stamp as many as you want.
Repeat the “rind” process for every slice you stamped.  Use the green paint and stamp a rind on each slice.  **Note – you’ll need to repeat the paint stamping process 2-3 times per slice and rind to give the color coverage for the mat and make the slice really visible.
Once each slice is complete, use the paint brush to dab a bit of black paint onto each slice for the seeds.

Everyone will smile as they pass through your door with a simple and fun way to say welcome!

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