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DIY Decorative Vases

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This is one of my favorite DIY Projects. I didn’t think I would end up liking it as much as I did. The BEST part is I used empty PICKLE and MAYO jars to make uber cool DIY Decorative Vases. How cool is that? The cost is under $5 per vase (jar) and that’s if you have to buy it full of pickles! It’s not hard and not super time consuming, so what’s not to like. Repurpose a used jar instead of throwing it out…a video How-to is Here and Here.


Jars (One size or various sizes)



Manila Folder



Start by cutting pieces of twine in pairs a couple of inches longer than the jar itself. Cut enough pairs of twine to glue each pair about one inch apart just under the top lip of the jar. A standard size jar will need between 7-10 pairs of twine or 14-20 pieces. Using hot glue, affix each pair onto the jar about an inch apart. This top glued piece will be the top of the diamond pattern we are making.

One every pair is glued onto the jar and dry, take the outside piece of twine from each pair and glue them together about 2 inches from the top lip. This forms side of the diamond pattern.

The glued point looks like this –

Continue around the jar gluing each outside twine piece at the same level so the diamond pattern matches. Once this level is glued, make the bottom of the diamond on the next row. Repeat this pattern until the jar is completed and all the twine pieces are glued together. When you get to the very bottom, glue the pieces left over to the bottom. See the photo below.

Next, measure a piece of the manila folder band to fit the top of the jar. Make the band a couple of inches longer than the actual top because the twine wrapping will add bulk to the band.

Wrap the band with twine and affix the twine with glue.

Once the band is complete, glue it to the top of the jar for a finished look.

Allow the jar to dry completely and display it alone or with flowers. These DIY Decorative Vases make beautiful gifts as well.