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DIY Decor, Holidays

DIY Mother’s Day Cards

This project happened by chance. I needed a greeting card and had no time to go shopping. I wanted a card that was a little different (plus I had to use what I had in my home) – so I tried the marbled paper idea. It turned out so much better than I thought and it is super easy. The…
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DIY Projects, Holidays

Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

Today’s idea is great way to garden with little maintenance that is perfect for tight spaces.  We’re growing vegetables in small spaces! This is also a great project to do with children.  The size garden is totally manageable and kids can help with watering and picking the vegetables.  It’s good to encourage them to eat more veggies and help with…
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DIY Decor, Halloween, Holidays

Halloween Candle DIY

Halloween is coming. I’m not a blood and guts person but I’ll go with spooky, not scary…so I give you this Halloween Candle DIY! These are made from old summer pool noodles that are probably collecting dust in your garage or basement. Dig them out and let’s do this Halloween Candle DIY! A video how-to is here. (Also please see…
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Halloween, Holidays

Halloween Spider DIY

This Halloween Spider DIY is not brain surgery. I’m not even going to write a long post. It’s just balloons and pipe cleaners taped together. It’s that easy. You can make them in a few minutes and use them on your door or wall or give them as party favors. The video How-To is here. I’m going to show you…
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DIY Decor, Fall Season, Holidays

Caulk Pumpkin DIY

I’ve never really thought about decorating pumpkins with caulk. However, this Caulk Pumpkin DIY adds a bit of zhuzh to pumpkins you may already be using in your decor. You could make swirls, circles, or all sorts of shapes for the design using the caulk – and it’s quite simple to create these. I think they’re unique and beautiful and…
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Easter, Holidays

DIY Easter Basket

This project is so simple! We’re making a DIY Easter Basket using CANDY boxes as the basket itself! It’s so simple to put the pieces together and the result is creative and Sweet! The total cost for the basket can be under $5 (or more depending on your candy choices)….so let’s go! Materials: Candy Boxes or packages – at least…
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DIY Decor, Easter, Holidays

DIY Spring Decor

Spring is mostly here and my allergies know it. This project is easy DIY Spring Decor that won’t make you sneeze. We’re making bunny carrot decor from Easter themed jump rope – SO cute!! The cost of each carrot is about $1.50 and worth every affordable penny!! (they pair perfectly with these Bunny Napkin Rings). Click here and here for…
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DIY Decor, Easter, Holidays

Bunny Napkin Rings

Easter is coming.  Spring is here and everything is beginning and new again.  I love Easter and all that it represents.  If you’re an Effortless Girl, you already know that you don’t have to spend lots of money on an amazing Easter-scape.  Thus I give you Easter Bunny Napkin Rings!  This project takes about an hour for 10 rings.  You’ll…
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Holidays, St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Hats

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming! Today we’re making ADORABLE party hats and headbands for under $5. The steps are minimal and all of the materials you either have at home or pick them up at a discount store. Nobody has extra time or money right now….I get it! As an FYI, I think the feather headband is elegant and a…
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Holidays, St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day Decor

Today we’re creating easy Saint Patrick’s Day Decor. These leprechaun hat pots may be used as candle holders or stand alone decoration for the holiday. Saint Patrick’s Day is fun and festive, so why not get in the spirit? The cost is under $10 for the entire project. A how-to video is here and here. Saint Patrick’s Day Decor may…
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