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Wedding Shower Part II: The How-To

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This is a followup to the surprise wedding shower post from yesterday.  Our shower theme is rustic elegance.  You may recycle old/used items for cost savings and sentimental wow factor.  The entire shower can be held for less than $50 with a 20 person guest list so it is affordable for all budgets.  Let’s get started with the Happily Ever After sign.  The sign is very self explanatory.  I used a piece of scrap wood that was darker in color due to age.  Using an unpainted piece of wood that is rough and not sanded adds to the rustic look.

Happily Ever After

Clean any debris from the wood.  Stencil letters with a pencil and paint them.  It’s that easy.  Make sure you put something under the wood to protect your surface.  This paint was free from Lowes Hardware as I had a coupon for a free 8oz of paint.  

Stencil the letters

Allow the paint to dry for several hours.

Allow paint to dry

To make the cake topper, you’ll need a wooden skewer or stick, one note card, a small piece of burlap, and thin wire.  

Burlap Cake Topper

Cut the note card into a heart shape.  Then cut two pieces of the burlap into the same shape and size of the heart.  Using glue, affix the burlap to both sides of the note card.  I purchased two wire “love(s)” and glued them to one side of the heart.  You could fashion thin wire into the same shape yourself.

Cut the hearts

Once everything is glued (but not dry), gently thread the wooden skewer stick under the burlap on the back side of the heart and allow the cake topper to dry overnight.

Love, Love

The final decor item is the decorative jars/vases for the grape kabob bouquets.  

Grape Kabob Displays

Using a small strip of burlap, cut just enough to fit around the outside of the jars.  I did two large jars for kabob displays and one small one for cutlery.  Tape the ends of the burlap together with clear tape and they’re ready to use.

Burlap Jar Bands
On the menu was individual hummus & vegetable cups.  I hate double dipping at parties and there’s always that one person that does it.  It is gross and making individual servings eliminates this possibility.  
Hummus Cups

Using small plastic cups, place a spoonful of hummus into the bottom of the cup.  Next put in cut up vegetables of your choice directly into the hummus.  That’s it.

Hummus & Veggies

Coconut Marshmallow Chocolate pops…yummy!  Purchase toasted coconut marshmallows from the supermarket.  Place a lollipop stick into each one.  Melt chocolate pieces or chips and dip them in melted chocolate chips and they’re ready to eat.


I served them on a tray.


And finally, the cake.  It is easy, much easier than it looks.  Here is the tutorial for the cake .  Have a great shower!

Naked Cake
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