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We All Scream For Ice Cream


Summer would not be summer without ice cream.  Ice cream is as American as Uncle Sam or apple pie.  Every Friday in elementary school, our class paid a quarter each to eat ice cream bars for our end of the week treat.  My favorites were orange push-ups and ice cream sandwiches.  I still love orange push-ups and ice cream sandwiches.  As an adult, I make my own ice cream sandwiches.  It’s super simple and gives you different taste options.  I use gourmet ice cream flavors along with interesting varieties of cookies for decadent treats that guests and family gobble right up.


The process is easy.  You may make the sandwiches well in advance of your event to save time.  Use larger cookies; it makes the process less messy.  You may bake your own cookies or purchase them from the supermarket.  Remember to double your recipe because you will need two cookies for each sandwich.  Purchase ice cream in the flavor you like that blends well with the cookie choice. 
Simple Ingredients
The ice cream sandwiches will need a small scoop of ice cream each so one half gallon container will make at least 10 sandwiches.  Allow ice cream to soften and then scoop onto one cookie.  Place the other cookie on top to form the sandwich.  

Scoop Ice Cream onto Cookie

Arrange all the sandwiches on a pan and cover with plastic wrap.  Next put the pan into the freezer for at least a few hours to overnight.   Serve right out of the freezer and enjoy.

Place completed sandwiches in freezer 
The ice cream and cookie combinations are as varied as the Baskin Robbins 31 flavors. My favorite sandwich is ginger snap cookies paired with peach ice cream.   A real crowd pleaser is chocolate or chocolate chip cookies paired with mint chocolate ice cream.  Another yummy choice is molasses or snicker doodle cookies with salted caramel ice cream.  Chocolate cookies with strawberry ice cream look like love for a dinner with your special someone.  You can never go wrong with cookies and ice cream, so have fun with it!  

The finished product

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