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Vegetables Taste Good – Eat (with) Your Carrots!


Okay the title seems a tad deceiving.  It’s a quick and effortless (really) Easter preview… Hippity Hoppity Carrot tableware.  Simple orange paper napkins and green plastic cutlery make edible carrot tableware.  Celebrate spring while paying homage to the Easter bunny.   The carrots take minutes to assemble and are super fun for guests and kids.  In fact, use that free labor and have your children make them.  The best part is they’re disposable with no cleanup!  That’s my kind of party!

Eat your carrots!
Discount stores sell the napkins and cutlery. At Walmart, you may purchase green sets of 8 forks, knives, and spoons for 97 cents.  A package of orange napkins is 97 cents for 24.  Therefore (just like a math word problem) 24 sets of cutlery for your guests cost 16 cents each…a bargain that you don’t have to wash!  I also used green yarn that I had, but use what you have.  Green string, garbage bag ties, or even twine works great.


Fold one side of the napkin at an angle.  On the other side, place the cutlery and begin to fold over toward the already folded side.  It works best if you fold the napkin in what I’ll call fourths.  Stay mindful that you want every fold to preserve the point at the bottom for the bottom of the carrot.  For the first fold, bring the napkin edge over the cutlery, and then fold again and again and again.  Four folds should do it.  However, this isn’t rocket science, do the best you can and by the time you get to the edge, you will most likely have a carrot.  If not start over.  You can do this!


Fold the napkin into a carrot
Tie a small piece of yard, string, twine, etc near the top of the carrot so the napkin will stay securely in place.  


Tie the yarn around the napkin

And that’s it…you have carrot cutlery!  Peas and carrots easy, pardon the pun.

Carrot Cutlery!


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