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Valentine’s Day Gifts under $5


It’s easy to get swept up in the hearts and chocolate frenzy of Valentine’s Day and spend too much money on love……..isn’t love supposed to be free?  Anyway, you don’t have to go bananas to tell someone special you appreciate them.  It’s actually silly.  Spending a few minutes of your time actually showing your love – handwriting a note, doing something around the house, or even making a phone call to say you care means way more (it does).  This Valentine’s Day consider making a gift and Effortless Girl has a great idea for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rustic is all the rage right now.  Rustic furniture, barn wood, or reclaimed anything can be found in any gift, furniture, or decor store.  Using the rustic theme, I though a very simple heart on a piece of old wood makes a huge statement without using any words at all.  The materials list is simple.  You’ll need a piece of old wood, yarn (in Valentine colors), and a some small nails (97 cents per box).  I had the wood and yarn so my hears cost 97 cents for both.  You may purchase the yard for around $2 per roll.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete each heart.


Tap the nails lightly into the wood with a hammer.  You want them only to be secure in the wood but not driven in deeply.  I used a cut out heart as a template, but an imperfect heart is also very cool, so a template isn’t totally necessary.

Make a heart with nails

Next wrap the yarn randomly around the nails.  There isn’t a pattern to follow, I just went back and forth and side to side with the yarn – absolutely no rules.  You may also use several different colors of yarn on each heart to layer the colors also.  I did one in several colors and another in one solid color.

Add the yarn

The completed pink heart with several colors of yarn looks like this: 

Pink Yarn Heart

The completed heart with the red yarn looked like this:

Red Heart

The project is easy and a really sweet gift for someone special.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rustic Hearts


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