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Valentine’s Day Gifts for $1

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I love getting a Valentine.  As a kid, I LOVED the little Valentine’s cards we exchanged at school – especially the ones with the lollipop attached.  It’s always nice getting a small present on Valentine’s Day.  You can make easy Valentine’s for a teacher or special friend and spend $1 or less.  It takes very little effort to give a really big Valentine’s smile!

Valentine’s Day gifts for $1

The materials list is easy.  I went to a discount/dollar store and purchased candy, office supplies, and bling stickers.  Everything was $1 or less per item.  Use your computer to print out phrases to attach to each item.  You’ll also need a piece or two of construction paper or card stock.


I cut out each phrase I printed for each item.  Using either a glue stick or clear tape, attach each phrase to a piece of colored construction paper or card stock cut to fit each item and corresponding phrase.

Cut out the phrases

Once the phrases are mounted on the color paper backing, attach them with clear tape to the items.

Tape phrases to items

For the candy peanuts I purchased add the phrase, “I’m Nuts about You!”

I’m NUTS about you

Using rulers (2 for $1), add the phrase, “You Rule!”

You Rule!

Pick up glue sticks and add, “I’m Stuck on You!”

I’m Stuck on You!

Highlighters make it easy to say, “You’re the HIGHLIGHT of my day!”

You’re the HIGHLIGHT of my day!

Everybody loves a Sharpie, for $1 you can write, “Thanks for making me SHARP!” to that special teacher!

Thanks for making me SHARP!

Happy Valentine’s Day for less! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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