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Valentine’s Day is coming soon!  I love pink and red so Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate.  Valentine Hearts are the signature symbol of the day.  Today we’re making super easy valentine hearts from crayons and waxed paper.  They are very inexpensive and kid-friendly and are a perfect craft to get everyone into the spirit of love! Click here for a video.


Crayons (1-2 boxes)
Wax Paper
Paper Grocery Bags
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
The total cost investment for the materials is around $3 (for everything).  Crayons are 2/$1 at discount stores and a roll of wax paper costs $1.  Yarn may be purchased around $1 per spool and the pencil sharpener for 50 cents from dollar/discount stores.  Using 2 boxes of crayons makes 10-12 hearts in various sizes using the Valentine’s Day colored crayons.  Ask for paper bags at the supermarket and your materials list is complete.


Cut the grocery bag into two large pieces.  Lay one piece on a counter top or ironing board and tear 2 pieces of waxed paper the length of the bag.  Lay one piece that on top of the paper bag and set the other aside.
Next grind the crayon you’d like with the pencil sharpener onto the wax paper.  You may use one color or multiple colors for each heart.  One crayon makes a medium sized heart.  Two crayons make a large and small heart.  Spread the crayon shavings about so that they aren’t concentrated in a specific area.

Place the spare piece of waxed paper you tore earlier on top of the first piece to sandwich the shavings.  Place the second piece of grocery bag on top of the waxed paper.

Iron the paper until the crayon melts.  Keep the iron moving so the paper won’t burn.  Some wax will bleed through the paper but the color stays in.  I kept my iron on high to melt the crayons faster.  Each piece of wax/crayon/paper takes a couple of minutes to melt.

The melted the crayon will look like the photo below.  Set aside and allow the wax paper to completely cool.

Once the wax is cool (at least 30 minutes), cut into various heart shapes.

Punch a small hole in the heart and tie yarn to the heart for hanging.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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