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Thanksgiving is almost here!  The race is on to finalize the menu, shop, and set the table.  Simplify the day just a bit by making your Thanksgiving table decor now – in fact your children can create most of today’s items for you.  Part of celebrating the holidays is sitting around a beautiful table with your loved ones.  However beautiful tables can become expensive.  Take a bite our of your turkey day stress with simple candles and easy place cards to jazz up your gathering.  These items hover at $1 or less so let’s get started!
I’ll start with place cards.  Place cards add an elegant touch to tables and also give you the ability to seat guests where you’d like them to be.  Sometimes family gatherings can be tricky and assigned seats make the day easier…..The first place card is made from fall leaves.  You’ll need spray paint of your choosing, leaves, and a sharpie marker or stick on letters.  The entire bill for materials is $5.50 – you’ll have paint and letters left over for future projects.
Spray paint the leaves and allow them to dry.  Use the stick on letters to complete the place cards.  The metallic gold is beautiful and these make a nice party favor for guests to take home.
The next place cards are more traditional and perfect for children to complete.  I used a duo of split peas and glitter with glue and stick on letters to create Thanksgiving themed cards.
You’ll need card stock or heavy paper, glue, stick on letters or marker, and your choice of “topping.”  Write the name in marker or stick on letters.  Spread glue on the area you’d like to cover and in a pattern of your choosing.  Sprinkle your material on the glue and allow to dry.
I wanted to create a twist on the usual dinner table candles.  Below are four options.  You may purchase candles already in glass jars at most discount or dollar stores for $1.
The first option uses ingredients from the kitchen.  Cut the top center of an apple out in a circular motion.  Replace the apple notch you removed with a tea light.  As the candle burns the wax will run down the sides of the candle and it really looks pretty.  The second idea is to use asparagus to wrap the candle.  I used the rubber band that came with the bunch to secure the stalks around the candle.  Cover the rubber band with twine.  Voila.  Both of these are finished in minutes.
Reuse your split peas for candle embellishments.  Spread glue in bands around the $1 candles.  Roll the candle in split peas and allow to dry.  If I had this to do over, I would’ve made the band larger around the candle.  I like this look for a rustic and organic theme.
Another twist on the $1 candle is to tie a strip of burlap around the candle and secure it with raffia.  The method is self explanatory in the photo.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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