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Simple Fall Harvest Table Decor

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The fall harvest season is upon us!  With the upcoming holiday season just around the corner, keeping budgets tight is a good idea.  I’m going to make this post short and to the point.  Yes, you can have beautiful and unique autumn table decor without spending a fortune.  This idea is useful because it transitions well into Thanksgiving and would be beautiful on your Thanksgiving table.   I spent about $4 to make 4 candle holders.  I used dried ingredients available at every supermarket.  Let’s go.

Thanksgiving Candles

I combined different colors and textures to make these candles.  Start with a glass vase or candle holder.  A glass drinking glass will work also.  This candle holder I had already.  It was purchased at a discount store for 97 cents.  I used dried corn (or popping corn works), green split peas, chick peas, and red beans.  Different dried beans have designs and come in several colors that are appropriate for Thanksgiving, so use what you like.


Pour the dried ingredients into the glass container in layers.  You can do whatever order, it doesn’t matter.  Once you’re close to the top, add a tea light or other small candle and continue filling the container around the candle.  The entire process takes about one minute. 

Add ingredients to container

Place the candle holders along the table as a centerpiece and add dried leaves and sticks.  You’ll have a gorgeous Thanksgiving table in minutes – and your budget doesn’t take a major hit.  Spend time enjoying your family and friends this Thanksgiving instead of stressing out about decorations and themes.  Happy Fall Y’all!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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