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Saint Patty’s Pops!

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Need an easy, low cost St. Patrick’s Day treat for a school party (or to eat)?  Marshmallow pops are simple and economical and pack a major taste punch.  I know I do these pops for every holiday, but they are versatile and delicious.  The time commitment is minimal and the cost per pop is about 7 cents – so why not?  For St. Pat’s day, they are no different.  So go ahead and have a St. Patty’s Pop!

St. Pat’s Pops

Purchase a bag of marshmallows from the supermarket or a discount store.  You’ll need about 1/2 bag of chocolate chips, green sugar, and lollipop sticks or drinking straws.  I used the some of the straws from my Valentine’s Pops project.  The bag (100 for $1.50) of straws from the dollar store came with several colors, including green.  

Ingredient List

Cut the straws to the length of lollipop stick you want.

Cut the straws
Add marshmallows to the sticks and set aside.  I like to make a work space using parchment paper beside the stove for easy cleanup.  Get everything laid out before you begin working with the melted chocolate.

Prepare Marshmallows
Melt chocolate.  I use a homemade double boiler, you may use the microwave or a real double boiler.

Melt Chocolate
Dip the marshmallows and sprinkle green sugar on them.  If the green becomes hard to see on the dark chocolate, add a tablespoon or so of white sugar.  This helps make the green color more visible.  Allow to set for about 30 minutes on the paper and you’re done.  I keep them overnight in the refrigerator.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!