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Thanks to Mehgan Kelly from Little Bit of Green for the Effortless Girl mention.  Meghan wrote about how to start and indoor winter garden and used Effortless Girl as her inspiration.  Be sure and check out her super piece here.  I copied it also below…Thanks Meghan!
Indoor Winter Garden – By Meghan Kelly
Your green thumbs may be itching for spring, but most places are still separated from planting season by several months—and several feet of snow. The indoor time does not need to be wasted, however. This winter garden project, from Julie Loven with The Effortless Girl, allows you to plant and grow fresh herbs or vegetables all year round from inside the home. All you need to get started is a bag of soil, seeds for the plants you want to grow, and a basin for collecting water. You are only a few steps away from harvesting your own home-grown garden all winter long.
Soil is the first ingredient for this project. Buy a large bag (or bags, depending on how many different plants you want in your garden) of potting soil. There are some different options for your soil, like organic or regular, and the choice is up to you.
Seeds are the best part, selecting which plants to grow! For this project, smaller plants work well since there is limited space in the soil packages. Herbs like cilantro and basil are great to have year round, but you can also plant cucumbers, lettuce, or any other vegetable that interests you. Larger vegetables, however, might need to be transplanted once spring comes.
Method: the project can be assembled in a few simple steps. Punch narrow holes in the bottom of the soil bag for water drainage. The holes should not be so large that the soil will pour out, nor so small that water cannot escape. Julie made three rows with five holes, but the size of the bag will determine how many holes to bore. Place blocks in a basin—Julie uses disposable roasting pans—and then place the bag onto the blocks. This allows the water to drain into the basin instead of leaking onto your floor.
Next, cut the top of the bag off, but be careful to leave the walls of the bag so that the soil does not burst out. Then gently plant the seeds according to the directions on the back of the packet, and be sure to water the seeds frequently. Keep the bags near a window and as close to direct sunlight as possible: the more sunlight, the faster the growth. If you have an indoor sunroom, utilize the sunny space for your garden.
The last step is to enjoy the benefits of your indoor winter garden. There is nothing like fresh vegetables and herbs to give the taste of spring!
(Photo courtesy of Julie Loven)
To learn more about Julie and the Indoor Winter Garden, visit: and winter garden
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Julie, The Effortless Girl, is from a small (teeny tiny) community in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. The Effortless Girl was born out of a desire to challenge herself to find accessible, unique lifestyle ideas with cost savings in mind. LEARN MORE >

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