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Kale or Collard or Lettuce Wraps

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Wraps are a summer go-to for a quick meal.  Anything you like (or imagine) can go in a wrap.  I think they’re easier to eat than a sandwich because the filling is better contained in the wrap.  However, I’m not a huge fan of the overlapping pieces of tortilla at the seams of the wrap that I always peel off and leave on my plate.  In my nutrition searches these past few months, I’ve happened upon new takes on the wrap.  Using a kale leaf / collard green leaf/ or large lettuce leaf adds extra greens to a wrap and eliminates the starchy carbs of a standard flour tortilla.  So I present to you many new ideas for lunch that minus the usual “wrap” can be lower in carbs and calories (if you don’t stuff the insides with mayo or processed food).  May the healthy lunches begin!

My favorite wrap would be a leaf of any of the three filled with the Quinoa Taboule Salad from Le Pain Quotidien.  The salad is  I could eat it everyday and not get tired of it.  The recipe is here and it would be delicious in a wrap – any kind of wrap.  Moving on…

The first photo is for Mexican Kale Wraps with Mango Puree (yum).  The recipe is here.  I like it because it combines avocado with mango and vinegar for a healthy sweet and tangy at the same time flavor.  Also the recipe uses beans for a kick of fiber. 

Photo Courtesy of veggielover75

I’m also digging the Low Sodium Collard Wrap found here.  The recipe has many choices for the filling so you could go vegan or not so vegan and have a delicious end result.

Photo Courtesy of Sodiumgirl

The last recipe I love for its simplicity.  Five ingredients and lunch is served.  This recipe can be served in a hurry and is healthy and tastes great.

Photo Courtesy of Daydreamkitchen

The moral of this story is to experiment with your lunch.  Think outside of the bread box and the choices are endless.  From chicken or tuna salad to strictly veggies or hummus, you can’t go wrong wrapping lunch in a leaf!

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