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July 4th Bunting for Less than $1!

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This is going to be quick, quick to write and quick to make.  July 4th is coming up in a few days.  Planning a get together is time consuming and pricey.  Decorations are the last thing you need to stress.  Your gathering doesn’t have to be super fancy to be super great, so make some red, white, and blue bunting (or have the kids do it) for less.  This is easy and you can tailor the colors to whatever you like.  Keep it or toss it after the party is over – because the cost investment is pennies…really.  Let’s make patriotic decorations for less than $1!  

Happy 4th of July!

You’ll need one bandana (the color is up to you), twine, and staples.  One bandana makes bunting long enough for an 8 foot table.  If you need a longer length, use another one.  Bandanas cost about 50 cents from a discount store or use and old one you already have.  The twine will cost about 10 cents for the piece you need.  Fold the bandana like the white one in the photo below.  To make things super fast, quickly press the bandana in this shape.  One or two swipes with a hot iron is enough.  You just want to seal the edges of the folds.  Cut triangle shapes from the rectangles.  Tip:  If you cut the triangles only from the rectangle shapes of the fabric, it creates another triangle in between each one you cut – so you get double the shapes.  This takes about 5 minutes.


Straighten the piece of twine.  This is NOT fancy but it totally works.  Staple the top of the bandana triangle to the twine.  I used four staples per triangle so they hung more smoothly without gaping along the twine.  Leave a little twine at each end so you may tie the bunting on either side.  And you’re done.  Bunting in under 10 minutes.  It also looks great to use a red and blue bandana for bunting and alternate the colors along the twine.  

Staple the bandana to the twine

Hang and enjoy your party.  Happy 4th of July!

Bandana Bunting

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