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Guiltless, Good for you Game Day Food

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Game Day food isn’t always healthy, it can be especially tricky for those working on New Year’s resolutions for better eating or losing weight.  However you don’t have to skip the playoff parties or make an effort to ignore the fattening buffet table with your friends.  It is super easy to make a healthy and delicious alternative to wings and chips.  I like to be creative with the presentation to make nutritious food more fun.
Game Day Good for You!

I am obsessed with avocados.  I love them and try to eat a bite or so every day for the healthy fat.  Game Day is never complete with guacamole.  The best guacamole recipe ever is here.  As you scoop the avocado from the skin, save the shells.  Serving individual shells of guacamole and salsa is fun to eat and cuts down on double dipping for party guests.  You can never be too careful during cold and flu season and individual serving cups are the way to go.  It is also a creative way for serving.

Save the avocado shells
Make the guacamole and set aside.  Using a slicer or carefully with a knife, slice vegetables thin like chips.  Using vegetables instead of fried potato or tortilla chips is a great way to sneak in the veggies and remove some of the fat and carbs.  I use squash, cucumber, and carrots.  The color combination makes for a gorgeous platter and guacamole and salsa taste great on them.  Use whatever vegetables work for you.

Thinly slice the vegetable chips

 Next fill the avocado shells with half guacamole and half salsa.  

Guacamole & Salsa

And finally arrange the ingredients on a platter.  I cover the platter in lettuce or spinach for additional color.  Also add a small bowl of dip in the center for anyone who wants a small bite.  The platter takes about 10 minutes to make and everyone feels great about eating something healthy.  For instructions on making easy game day decorations for less check out this link.  Go Team!

Happy Game Day!

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