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Effortless Greeting Cards 101 for $1.01


I hate shopping for greeting cards.  There are so many to choose from and each one says almost the right thing…but not always.  By the time I read each one on the rack, I’m tired and indecisive.  The climbing prices for poetry on fancy paper are a bit of a deterrent also.   This year for Mother’s Day I decided to make my own.  I made one for my mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law in about ten minutes for less than $1.  Success!  The card can be used for any occasion, I used Mother’s Day because it was Sunday.

Greeting Card 101 for $1.01

Your choices will be limited only by your creativity.  Use what you have around the house.  It is that easy.  I used paint that was free (Better Homes and Gardens coupon for 8 ounces of Valspar Paint).  If you don’t have paint, use water color paint from the kids, colored pencils, or markers.  The other necessities are paper, glue, and old tissue paper.  I used card stock left over from my wedding invitations from  Construction paper, copy paper, or whatever you have available will work also.  

Paint, glue, tissue paper

Start with a sheet of paper big enough to fold in half and make a card.  Your card size doesn’t matter either.  My cards were smaller than store bought cards.

Fold Paper in Half

Tear a small circle from your tissue paper.  Make sure the edges are jagged and not perfect.  My tissue paper was saved from a Valentine’s Day Present so it was free.

Tear an uneven circle from tissue paper sheet

Put one dot of glue near the top corner of the card.

Add a glue dot

Bunch the tissue paper from the center of the circle to resemble a flower.

Make a flower with circle of tissue paper

Press the bottom of the flower on the dot of glue and press down in the center so it will stick.

Affix flower to glue dot

Use the paint or marker to draw the stem and leaf of the flower.

Paint the stem and leaf on the flower

Add whatever message you like depending on your occasion.  Be sure to write a personalized note on the inside to make your card extra special.  From start to finish you will need about 10 minutes.  Effortless and Exquisite – Good Luck!

Finished Card

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