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Edible Valentine’s Roses – Delicious & Good for You!


Okay…this is the last Valentine’s post.  This healthy is a healthy and easy appetizer for those with sugar and chocolate overload or someone counting calories.  It is also super easy and super fast and uses only three ingredients.  Who doesn’t like fresh, edible roses?

Happy Valentine’s Day

The ingredients are simple – grape tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese.  I used block cheese because I couldn’t find those mini mozzarella balls in my supermarket.  They would be perfect, so if your grocery carries them you should pick up a package instead


Cut the top off of the tomato.  Also cut a small hole in the center.  Cut the hole smaller than you think you will need, because you don’t need that much space.

Remove the tomato top

Insert the asparagus spear into the hole.  Insert the end with the bushy top.  That probably isn’t scientific, but I don’t care.  If you don’t want to use dairy, the top of the asparagus will serve as your flower center.  Once the asparagus is in the tomato, cut a cross into the other end.  Pull the cross open ever so slightly.  Don’t pull too hard, or the tomato will tear.  Also cut a small piece of cheese or use a mozzarella ball and place into the center of the tomato.  It is that easy and you have an edible rose!

Cut a cross into the other end

Arrange the “flowers” into a bouquet on a plate and serve.

Bouquet of “roses”
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Delicious and Healthy