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Edible “Flower” Arrangements

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I love cupcakes and I love flowers.  If I had to choose, I think I would choose cupcakes.  However the marrying of the two together is my favorite.  A while back I made cupcake flower arrangements for a yummy pick-me-up for a friend.  It was the best of two worlds in my book.  They are easy and can be done on the cheap.  Bring on the deliciousness!

Edible “flowers”

You’ll need a small flower pot (or a large one if you want to add more cupcakes), a Styrofoam ball that fits snugly at the top of the pot, wooden skewer sticks, and cupcakes.  You could purchase or make the cupcakes yourself.  If you make them from a cake mix at the store, you will likely spend about 20 cents for each cupcake, $1 for the flower pot, 5 cents for each wooden skewer, and about $1 for the Styrofoam ball.  For a pot of 3 “flowers,” the cost is about $2.75 per pot.  Oh and I robbed an old silk plant for several leaves.  It’s really affordable.

Pretty and Delicious!

Place the Styrofoam ball into the flower pot.  Break a wooden skewer so it is the height of the pot.  Press the stick into the Styrofoam ball until only about 1-2″ are left showing.  The bottom of the stick is probably anchored on the bottom of the pot by now.  Affix cupcakes onto each stick.  It’s that easy.  Finish the arrangement by adding a few fake leaves for affect.  You could also use mini cupcakes – I’ve also done this and the minis work a little better weight wise,  but you’ll need more mini cupcakes to complete a bouquet.  Happy Eating!



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