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Easy Thanksgiving Candles

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It is holiday season!  Thanksgiving is just a week away and the Christmas season countdown is ON!  These next few days can be a bit stressful on people and their wallets, ugh.  There are simple things you can do now to get ready before the rush begins – and they don’t have to cost much to be beautiful.  Let’s start with Easy Thanksgiving Candles for $1.  Thanksgiving is a great time to bring the outdoors in and embrace the colors of fall.  Using items you can scavenge from your yard saves money and looks great on the Thanksgiving table.  We’re making Thanksgiving candles and Thanksgiving Napkins!

Dollar Store Candles
Paper or Cloth Napkins
Twine or Raffia
Hair Ties
Small Pieces of Burlap
Sticks and Leaves
The material list is simple.  I bought candles for $1 from the dollar store.  They are already in a glass holder and they are guaranteed to last 6+ hours.  These are important because the glass housing and the fact the candle is buried down in the glass vase helps prevent this from being a fire hazard.    You could also use glass vases and small tea lights.   I had the paper napkins at home.  Use either fabric or paper napkins.  You’ll need twine or raffia, a hair tie, and a possibly a piece of burlap if you choose.  Scavenge the yard for sticks and colored fall leaves.

As a reminder, candles can pose a fire hazard if used improperly or unattended.  Do not leave a candle unattended. strongly urges caution with any type of project that uses a flame and will assume no responsibility or liability for any losses, injuries, or damages from the use of this information and directions for craft making.  For more on this policy click here.  We urge you to make sure your candle is encased in glass and the flame isn’t anywhere near the sticks.  This is a Thanksgiving Craft, it is intended to be displayed during your Thanksgiving meal.  Do not leave the flame burning unattended.


Begin by spreading newspaper on the floor and put the sticks gathered on them to begin.  Break or cut the sticks the size of the candle.  Make enough sticks to encircle the candle.  

Originally, I thought I would glue the sticks on the glass, but that didn’t work very well and took a very long time.  I found that using two hair rubber bands to hold the sticks onto the candle worked really well and took only minutes to affix the sticks.

Once the sticks were securely attached to the candle, I tied raffia around a piece of burlap to dress up the candle.  And Voila – the perfect rustic Thanksgiving candle!  The entire project took about 20 minutes and cost about $1.25 per candle.

The napkins are even faster.  I gathered colored leaves from the yard.  I’m a huge fan of deep burgundy and the leaves were the perfect shade.  I used twine to tie around the napkin and affix the leaves.  In the first photo above, I also added some small twigs for something extra. Because I already had the napkins, the project cost nothing.  Using different colors of leaves will add a splash of color to your table.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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