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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon.  I like green and I like mint, so it is a good day for me.  My great grandmother was Irish, I am a testament to this because my natural hair color is dark auburn and my sister is a ginger.  I decided to make a two-for dessert that uses one green ingredient two ways.  Everybody loves ice cream and everybody should love chocolate – and merging the two is a perfect way to celebrate the day.!
Chocolate Mint “Shamwich”

We’re making cookies and we’re making pie…from Ice Cream!

Shamrock Mint Pie

It is really easy.  You could bake your cookies and pie crust from scratch – and I highly recommend it.  But for the sake of time and I felt so-so, I bought them.  Don’t judge me.

Shamwich ingredients

You need one cookie dough package, one chocolate pie crust, and one box of mint chocolate chip ice cream from the supermarket.

Shamrock Pie Ingredients

Bake the cookies according to the package directions.

Bake cookies

Saving two cookies from the package, press them hard with a spatula.  Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut 2 hearts from each cookie.  You need small hearts so you will have plenty of dough.

Save 2 cookies

I doubled my recipe but you will need four cookies per pie.  Bake the hearts and then set them aside, you will use these for the pie later.

Bake hearts and set aside

Once the cookies are cool, allow the ice cream to soften.  Spoon a serving of ice cream onto a cookie and then place another cookie on top to form the sandwich.  I’m a huge fan of ice cream sandwiches, remember this post?

Assemble the sandwich

Allow to freeze again in the freezer for at least an hour to overnight.  Serve it to your friends and family or eat it yourself.


The pie is too easy to make.  Allow the ice cream to soften. &nbs
p;Gently spoon it into the pie crust.  Using your fingers, press the ice cream into the pie crust until the crust is full and smooth.  One box of mint chocolate chip ice cream will make two pies.  

Add the ice cream

Once the pie is full, make sure the top is smooth.

Smooth the top

Cover the pies and put them into the freezer for several hours to overnight.

Ready for the freezer

After the pie is set, add the shamrock cookies.  Take four hearts and assemble the shamrock.  I forgot to bake a stem!  I had to use chocolate chips, which you may do or you should probably bake a stem.  Lessons!  Anyway, the shamrock on the pie is below.  Enjoy the desserts!


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