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Easter Egg-tastic Bunny Baskets

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I love Easter for lots of reasons.  It signifies many celebratory events; the resurrection of Christ, the beginning of spring, color returning to the world following the dreary winter, and in America – candy.   The idea of children running around all cracked out on sugar is scary.  I’m about to gain a stepdaughter and decided to create a fun alternative to sugar that both kids and adults can be okay with.  I wanted to have a colorful afternoon Easter party, complete with the egg hunt and lower in calories and glucose.  The cost depends on the amount of guests you invite, but with 5-7 kids a budget of  $15-20 dollars is fair (maybe less with sales and coupons).  Couponers could figure spending $10 – $15.
Create a party for less (sugar and money)

By shopping at the dollar store (except for the raisins), I purchased three packages of assorted sizes of plastic eggs, generic gold fish crackers, cheese, and generic teddy grahams.  My total for everything was less than $10.

Party Supplies

Also you will need napkins and cups.  Add another $1.  I would serve chocolate milk (the happy compromise between good and junk food).  Next, cut the cheese into blocks, or you may purchase cheese cubes.  Place a small handful of each cracker, raisin, cheese, and cookies into the eggs.

Fill the eggs with snacks

You may add whatever you like – perhaps grapes, carrot sticks, chocolate raisins, cereal, or maybe even pepperoni.  It is entirely your choice.  Close the eggs and place them into a basket.  When the guests arrive for the party, allow everyone to choose several eggs to snack on.  Children will be delighted in choosing their favorite color and the surprise at what is inside.  After the food is eaten, collect the eggs and hide them for an egg hunt.  This will be an easy afternoon party with minimal clean-up for a reasonable cost.  Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!

Filled Eggs ready to Eat!


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