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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

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Do you want to build a snowman? If you haven’t heard that line recently, you might be living under a rock.  It is from Disney’s Frozen, a movie about the escapades of an ice princess, and is one of the most popular animated movies ever made.  Since we are in the depths of winter and building a snowman speaks to everyone; I created some snowman party ideas that will make a winter party fun and yummy! So Let it go and have a great snowman party!

Do you want to build a snowman
I made two general snowmen party treats and then one with a Frozen theme after Olaf, the snowman.  All three are super simple and kids (and adults) will love them.
Snowman Party Time
First start with a sign for the party table.  I purchased a large piece of blue (for ice) paper at Michael’s for 9 cents on clearance.  I used a gold metallic marker and stencil to letter the sentence.  For the word “Snowman,” cut letters out of scrap paper.  

Stencil the letters

I didn’t have any gold or silver glitter, which would’ve been perfect, so I used tiny gold beads.  Glue the cut out letters onto the sign and then spread glue on top of the letters.  Then sprinkle the beads on the glue and let it dry.  Glitter would’ve been so much easier.

Gold Beads

Next I made snowman cheese sticks.  Actually, they are Olaf (from Frozen) cheese sticks.  They are super easy.  I used a sharpie marker and drew the face and expression of Olaf on them.  Using the gold marker from the sign, make the nose.  Twelve cheese sticks takes a couple of minutes, and they’re a big hit!

Olaf cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are a great choice at parties to take the sugar consumption down a notch.  Kids will definitely go for a Olaf cheese stick!

Fun and nutritious!

Another fun decoration is to make a snowman from paper lanterns.  It is SO easy and paper lanterns cost under $1 each.  I used three graduated sizes of paper lanterns and spent about $2 for all three.

Paper Lanterns

From dark brown or black construction paper, cut 3 circles for buttons, 2 circles for eyes, and 5 small circles for the smile.  Cut one small triangle for the nose using any colored paper you have.

Cut circles from dark paper

Tie the three lanterns together with string and hang above the party table.  Using tape (to save the lanterns for future use, affix the circles and the nose to the snowman.

It’s a party snowman!
And finally, it wouldn’t be a party without a sugary treat… so snowman marshmallow and chocolate pops are perfect.  If you have a fire pit, these easily translate into smores.  I bought giant and regular marshmallows and two sizes of chocolate chips.  You may also use one size of chocolate chip and marshmallow if you want.
Marshmallow Pop Ingredients

Slide three marshmallows onto a long lollipop stick.  If you will be making smores, use a wooden or bamboo kabob skewer so you may easily roast them.

Three marshmallows

Firmly press the chocolate chips into the marshmallows to form a snowman’s body and face.
If you don’t press hard enough, the chips will fall off.

Add the chocolate chips

And in seconds, you have snowman marshmallow pops!

Snowmen taste delicious!

A snowman party is simple and cost effective!  Perhaps you may air the movie during the party and everyone can sing along – The cold never bothered me anyway!

Happy Snowman Party!
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