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DIY Quarantine Idea – Paper Flowers

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We’re all at home, well we should be….my sister and her husband are physicians in a hospital with COVID cases and they have a newborn at home. Please stay at home so they and other doctors around the world can stay safe. Baby M and I thank you! Ok, no more COVID talk for a minute – so here’s an idea to keep you occupied during these long days. Paper Flowers! This is another DIY Quarantine Idea for the EG quarantine series. It’s easy and uses materials you already have in your home so this project is likely free to make. The paper flowers are a little vintage and a lot on trend, plus they’re fun to make and you can be as creative (or not) as you’d like! The process is a little involved to explain so I’ve made photos and a quick video. Let’s go!


Old Book



Wooden Kabob Skewer/Pipe Cleaner/Stick from Outside for Stem

How To:

Begin by tearing pages from the old book and folding first in half.

Then fold the page in half again.

Next fold a corner of the fold over to form a triangle corner.

Cut a petal shape from the corner holding the bottom point. You can do a rounded or angular shape, it’s up to you.

Unfold and you have your bottom “petal.” You will be cutting concentric circular “petals.”

After each petal is cut, use the kabob stick (or a pencil/pen) to round the edges. Roll the edge of the paper over the stick just a little and this will curl the edge.

Cut the next layer of the petal. Cut one of the triangle portions of the petal away. For each layer you cut, remove one triangle section (so for the first layer after the initial petal, cut one section, the second – cut two sections, and so on).

Put glue on the inside edge of one of the cut out sections.

Bring the petal edges together and glue them to form the inside of the flower layers.

Repeat this process, see below the petal layer with two cut out sections. Removing an additional section for each layer will make the petal layers smaller as you build your flower.

Stack each layer inside the base petal as you cut and glue the sections.

The flower will begin to take shape as you stack the completed layers.

Once all of your petals are complete, use the point of the kabob skewer or the point of a pencil or pen to pierce a hole in the center of the flower. Push a pipe cleaner, kabob skewer, or stick through the center to craft the stem.

Arrange them in a vase or old jar and Voila – DIY Quarantine Idea – Paper Flowers. Stay tuned for the next idea!

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