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DIY Macrame Plant Holders

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My great grandmother did Macrame.  I mean it was her jam.  She was a Macrame rockstar.  I didn’t realize how hard it was until I learned how to do it for a segment.  It’s ridiculously tedious and hard.  Those intricate wall hangings from the seventies that are so popular now take crazy amounts of skill to make.  I’m not kidding.  If you read that Macrame is easy, it is a lie.  Pinterest and decor stores are full of Macrame and it’s currently a decorating trend.  Today I’ll show you how to make DIY Macrame Plant Holders.  Macrame is a series of knots used to weave yarn together.  You can do this…..Click Here and Here to watch the segments.


Ball of Bulky or Mega Bulky Yarn (whatever color you want) – a 30 or 40 yard ball is plenty
Ring – a key sized ring from a hardware store
Globe Flower Vase


**For the purposes of this tutorial, I used two colors of yarn so you may see the knots in a contrasting color.  Begin by cutting 12 pieces of yarn into 5′ lengths.  Loop the lengths through the ring and fold them over.  You will have 24 – 2.5′ lengths at this point.

Create your first binding knot at the top.  Cut two additional pieces of yarn about 12″ long.  Make a loop with the end of one of the pieces and leave about a 4″ tail that hangs along the other yarn.  Allow the rest of the 12″ piece to hang to the side.  Hold the end of the longer piece and loop it around all the pieces 5-6 times about 3″ down from the ring.

Once the piece is wrapped several times, push the end through the loop.

Pull this end and the tail of the very first loop to tighten the knot.

Trim the excess ends with scissors.

You have made the top of your hanging holder.  Next separate the pieces into pairs in a circular shape.  Go 12″ down from the binding knot and tie a knot that ties two together.

Repeat until all 24 pieces are tied into 12 pieces.

Keep in circular shape.  Tie one piece from each pair to the piece to its side of the next pair 3″ below that knot.

Repeat until each piece is tied to its neighbor from the next pair.  You’ll see a diamond type shape form.

Go 3-4″ from this set of knots and gather all the pieces together.

Create the bottom binding knot using the original binding knot technique from above.

This process takes about 20-30 minutes total.  Once you’ve completed the knots, add the glass vase.  It’s easier to put it in if you’re holding the ring and allowing the holder to hang.

The finished product – DIY Macrame Plant Holders!