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Baby, Baby, Baby (Shower)!

My sister B. is having a baby, soon.  Yesterday we held a baby shower in honor of my newest nephew.  Last week I didn’t blog much because I was obsessed with all things baby shower so here is the recap.  The theme of the shower was movie party premiere because it is the first party to celebrate the premier of our upcoming boy.  The weather was sunny through the weekend so it was a big plus!
Our newest boy
I consider the baby partially/somewhat mine because he’s my nephew.  My blog readers are just going to have to get used to that.  We are a close family and I am over the moon about this new little boy…over.the.moon!  I created the above craft project for the shower attendees to do during the shower.  I don’t like shower games but I thought a hands on activity in which everyone could take part was a compromise.  We framed our project at the end of the day to hang in the nursery.  
You need a computer and printer, a frame, and a colored ink pad.  The baby’s name is at the top (obscured).   I created a sketch of a tree from several composites online in clip art files.  Then I typed the verse below the tree.  This was all done on my desktop and I printed it so the cost was negligible.  We used a green ink pad ($2) and everyone inked their fingerprint as the “leaves” of the tree at the end of the branches.  I think it’s a touching reminder for mom of the shower and a special blessing by the baby’s loved ones to hang in his room.  The cost was the frame and the ink pad.  It is a totally reasonable gift.
Our little premiere!
The menu for the shower was simple:  movie candy, movie popcorn, cake, and veggies.  I bought movie candy from a discount store and relatives made the rest.  Party favors came from an online party supply store.  The table cost less than $15 for the food.



We decided to go for caramel popcorn.  It is my favorite.  Popcorn bags doubled as party favors for everyone to take a snack home.

At the end of the shower, I offered to clean up the gift wrapping.  Well, I was the host so I had to, but I wanted to.  I went “dumpster diving” in the gift wrap trash for tissue and ribbon I can reuse.  Remember this post?  You can save lots of money by saving and repurposing papers and ribbons to reuse as creative gift wrap.


Save the papers!
The shower was so much fun and now the baby countdown begins!  After the shower we took my grandma out for her 86th birthday!  She didn’t know how to react to the sombrero, but I think she had fun with it.
Happy Birthday gma!
And on Sunday in honor of my favorite show (Downton Abbey) I wore a Lady Mary hat to church and lunch with my first nephew.  Stay tuned for the giveaway announcement coming this week!!!
In honor of Downton


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