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The ideal Effortless Girl could be anyone. Effortless Girls need fast and simple lifestyle ideas in a hurry and don’t want to spend a fortune. They’re smart like that, they know there’s a better way. Effortless Girls want a place to get a quick idea using items already around the house or in the pantry and not long afterward the project is completed. Effortless Girls are fabulous but not perfect. Effortless Girls don’t strive for an unattainable ideal, rather languish in quiet confidence that they’ve got this – they’re Effortless. They stretch their budgets by making smart and deliberate choices and using common sense. Hosts love inviting Effortless Girls and guests love being effortlessly entertained. Effortless Girls build bonds with friends and family

through time together creating memories while working together to finish projects, cooking together, or making gifts. Effortless Girls are sensibly ambitious and also incredibly fun. They’re going places and working hard, but also taking breaks to smell the roses they just arranged in the old container that’s been in the garage for years. Mostly Effortless Girls are 24-55 but age is just a number – and an Effortless Girl doesn’t necessarily have to be a female! Broken down simply, Effortless Girls know how to live well, take care of their loved ones, and create a genuine and lovely life.

The Effortless Girl is me and the Effortless Girl is you.

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