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Life’s greatest gift. The most world altering experience, ever.

Motherhood is the transition from a selfish, free-time consuming, go-with-the-flow lifestyle, to one that will never be that way again. It is where you become selfless, what seems like overflowed with flaws, and your body is filled with more love than you could ever describe.
Motherhood is not only a title received by those who “birth”, it is a title given to all of those who “mother”.
The Mother who raises babies birthed from other mothers – Adoption:
Definition of adopt

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to take by choice into a relationship; especially:  to take voluntarily (a child of other parents) as one’s own child

These women choose to give a child love. They choose to love, support, and give “a life” to a child that may have never stood a chance. These women, for whatever reason, whether it be infertility, health issues, or simply the kindness of their heart CHOOSE to love a child. That embodies the definition of motherhood.
Single Mother(hood). A title I hold close to my heart. Single motherhood may be a choice, or perhaps unexpected circumstances brought this title on to them; the loss of a spouse, or simply things just didn’t work out… Single Parenthood is hard. It is painful sometimes. You are the constant “no sayer”, and the financial provider (which means many work hours and many hours spent away from your little one). It means there is nobody to help with the decision making, or someone to give you a break, if even for something as simple taking a bath. It’s so many tiny things that collectively make it so hard to do it on your own. Yet it is oh-so rewarding knowing that all you do, and all you struggle with, is making their life the best it could be.
Mothers regardless of their situation, motherhood “title”, or age are wonderful. They are the warmest hugs, the happiest “hellos”, and the hardest “goodbyes”.
Motherhood in my terms:
It’s emotional, it’s painful, it’s amazing, it’s messy, and it’s beautiful.
The days are long – but the years are short.
It’s looking back at a first birthday picture and feeling your heart break into teeny, tiny pieces knowing that in a month your little girl will be celebrating her 3rd year of life. It’s knowing that the size 18-month onesie you just folded & packed into storage will never fit that beautiful, strong willed, 3T wearing toddler of yours, ever again. It’s waking up to the snottiest, smooshiest kisses every single day. It’s feeling your stomach drop after pulling out of the parking lot on your little one’s first day of school.
It’s up, it’s down. It’s happiness and heartbreak all twirled into one crazy mess called: Motherhood.

This was written by my friend Aleana who is one of the best moms I know.  Miss P is a very lucky little girl!

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