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It’s March Madness season and this is the final week!  At Effortless Girl, we’ve decided to create our own March Giveaway – 4 IN ONE WEEK!  Every other day you’ll have the chance to win or purchase heavily discounted products from our brand partners.  Today we’re talking about Bella Organics.  Bella Organics products are a favorite of our site and especially our EG Intern Juliet. The products are natural and 100% certified organic.  We’ve been a huge Bella fan for many years.  Use discount code  GLOW  for 15% off all online product purchases. Check out Juliet’s reviews below and Bella Organics website!

Juliet loves natural products and she’s a model so I think she’s qualified to test the products and give her opinion.  She tried the Refreshing Jasmine Facial CleanserJasmine & Honey Hydrating Face Cream, Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask, and Cherry Lip Gloss.  Her product review follows.
The Refreshing Jasmine Facial Cleanser is very gentle on my skin, so I highly recommend it for individuals that find that their skin hurts and stings when using other facial products.  Also, usually my eyes sting when rinsing my face with other face products, but the facial cleanser from Bella Organics never stung my eyes.  Plus, it smells so good.  It really does cleanse away all of the makeup on my face when you use about 3 pumps.
The Jasmine & Honey Hydrating Face Cream smells so good. And it is very soothing.  I only recommend it as a night cream, because it makes your skin oily.  But once your skin absorbs it (which is okay because it’s organic!), then it leaves your skin feeling super smooth!

The Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask is the bomb!  If you have an blemish on your face, the Dead Sea water in the mask really purifies and disinfects it because of all the minerals in it.  If your skin is super sensitive and has a lot of blemishes, I would be cautious with this product, because the Dead Sea salt water will sting on infected areas.  After I rinsed my face, my face was so smooth.

And lastly, the Cherry Lip Gloss.  There is no color to the lip gloss.  The flavor however is cherry.  I liked it as a quick moisturizer for my lips.  It does go away pretty quickly.  But while it is on, it makes your lips look very glossy.  Plus, you don’t feel bad if it gets absorbed into your lips or if you swallow it, because it’s all organic! 

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