Getting the Dress for Going to the Chapel

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I’m not the girl that has dreamed of her wedding day her entire life.  I’d rather have a really good marriage than the perfect wedding day/shoes/cake.  So with that attitude, I set out to find a wedding gown that was perfect (enough) for my wedding.  I wanted something simple but elegant and something that was modest but not frumpy.  It isn’t okay to show too much of your assets, ample or not, on your wedding day.  I’m not trying to judge, but I’ve been to a wedding that everyone had to avert their eyes – it is uncomfortable, tragically uncomfortable.  I thought dress shopping would be easy, right?  Ummm, not exactly.  The choices are overwhelming, the sheer numbers of styles and fabrics count in the hundreds of thousands.  I looked online, visited boutique stores, trunk sales; and still couldn’t find the dress.  

Lace, Beading, Pearls, Oh My!
Then I met Donna.  Donna Cook owns Did Someone Say Party, a high end dress boutique.  She knows fashion, she is an expert seamstress, and she knows how to take charge and put the anxious bride (me) at ease in a hurry.  Donna is celebrating her 25th year clothing fashionistas in designer dresses for weddings, proms, and formal events.
The clever store front
I first visited the boutique and didn’t realize the size of the building.  It is three floors of dresses, awash in a sea of jewel toned color.
Racks and Racks of Gowns
Row after row of racks laden with prom dresses (it’s the season), wedding gowns, and fun party dresses.
Sequins or Beading?
My favorite dress in the entire store was a gorgeous tea-length party dress.
My favorite
Then the roaring 20’s, flapper dresses…
And the va-va-voom show stopper!
I digress, I was there to find the dress for my wedding!  Did Someone Say Party has two floors dedicated to bridal gowns.  There is an entire wall of dresses for less than $ 200 so that every budget may be accommodated.
One of many racks of wedding gowns
I wanted something very simple in satin.  Donna helped my mother and I pick gowns of all shapes and sizes before I decided on my silhouette.  I am swollen from the MS medicine right now and horribly self-conscious about trying on gowns.  Donna didn’t let that phase her one bit, and it really made me feel better about my predicament.   I tried on the dress below that was beautiful, but in the end wasn’t the one.
Obsessed with the cowl back and the train


Browsing the racks was a treat in itself.  The intricate beading and the handiwork that goes into each creation was fun to look at.

Beading on a ruched bodice gown

I was fascinated with the beading detail on this gown.  It was a bit busy for me but the work that went into the stitching, amazing!

Hand sewn beading

Did Someone Say Party has phenomenal lace gown selections.  Lace is so romantic for a bridal choice and I had to get a shot of one of my favorites close up.


Lace mixed with beading on the skirt of a wedding gown

Gowns for brides can be customized to your hearts content…adding bling and sparkle with a sash is an easy way to jazz up a gown or cinch the waist just so.  I think the sashes are real works of art, very lady like and delicate.  My gown didn’t need an added sash, but I enjoyed admiring the choices anyway.

Sashes in all flavors

Another super fun way to add sparkle to the wedding look is a head band or tiara.  Kate Middleton comes to mind in the tiara department and there are gorgeous options to dress up your hair.

Head pieces and hair accessories

Finally, the veil…I didn’t photograph any because mine is a secret.  I did choose one with a hint of embellishment because my gown is simple.  I love mine because when I put it on my mom and my sister cried.  It was a special moment, those that you like to hold on to.  I wasn’t sure that I would ever marry so it felt happy and surreal at the same time.

Bridal beading

I would tell anyone looking for a wedding gown or gown for an occasion to first visit Did Someone Say Party.  It is arranged in a way that you are able to browse at your leisure with no pressure.  I was able to get an idea of the styles that are available and could narrow my preferences down from there.  The boutique is in an older building with a wooden staircase for a retro eclectic vibe.  It is definitely worth a look…I’m grateful I visited.

Donna Cook with my FAVORITE dress
Check out Did Someone Say Party at and on  Facebook
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