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I love washing my hair everyday.  I love the feeling of clean hair and the knowledge that my hair is squeaky clean.  My hair has always been very fine but freaky curly in weird places, has body in places, and straight in others.  If I don’t blow dry after washing, I look like I’ve been doing science experiments – and anyone that knows me knows that’s not happening.  I also have to spray, use product, and curl to look going-out-in-public worthy.  It causes buildup and product left in my hair overnight feels gross.  I feel like I need to wash it daily.   However, lately in conversations with my hair stylist friends, I’m starting to question whether my routine is healthy for my hair.  So I decided to do a little more digging.

Stylist Heather Rogers of Haircut 101 has great hair.  She has that thick, gorgeous, I don’t have to do anything to my hair to look amazing hair.  If she wasn’t my friend, I would hate her.  She washes her hair twice a week or sometimes less and her hair is fabulous.  Heather says color lasts longer if you don’t wash so frequently.  It is also good for your scalp not to strip away oils that keep the scalp hydrated so less frequent washing is a good idea.  Heather suggests using dry shampoo by Bumble and Bumble on days that you don’t wash.
I’m still not ready to give up daily washing so I asked stylist Priscilla Chun of Varji and Varji Salon her opinion of hair washing.  Priscilla washes her hair, which is long and black and beautiful, every three days.  She said there is a transition time for the scalp once you decide to wash less frequently but the benefits are worth it.  She suggested for beginners using dry shampoo to section hair and sprinkle the scalp only with the powder.  Spraying the dry shampoo all over hair can dry out the ends and be wasteful as you really only need it on the scalp.  Dry shampoo for darker hair color proves a challenge sometimes too it you can’t get it out of your hair.  Lighter hair colors can try baby powder as dry shampoo and the powder will blend in with the hair color.
I’m going to try washing less frequently.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes the next few months.  Feel free to comment on your hair routine or give your opinions on hair washing.
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