Friday, April 4, 2014

Live Like That

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Sometimes I think What will people say of me
When I'm only just a memory
When I'm home where my soul belongs
Was I love
When no one else would show up
Was I Jesus to the least of us

A Mantra

A very important person in my community died last night.  He was a pillar person.  He was one of those people in your life that set the bar for living; a pillar of strength, integrity, character - a pillar person.  My community will be forever changed by his absence.  It is fitting that the night is dark and rain is expected.  It's that type of weather that you just stare out the window in a trance brought on by the rhythm of the rain.  I know that everyone dies.  It is a very real, albeit difficult part of life.  You just don't expect it.  Even if the person is sick, really, really sick; it is impossible to actually expect it.  I am one of those hold out all hope until the last breath kind of people.  You never know.  I like denial.  It is easier for me to pretend than face reality.  I always liked The Neighborhood of Make Believe.  King Friday and Prince Tuesday were logical to me.  It is sad Fred Rogers is dead.

My granddad took his last breath as I held his hand.  It was almost eight years ago but it feels like yesterday.  Every time someone dies I think immediately of that minute.  It was more like two days for him, that's probably why it was so traumatic.  I was the hope holder, and watching certain death unfold right before me was hard to reconcile in my mind.  I like the movies with the happy endings.  If the ending is tragic, I get really upset with the director and think he's stupid.  It is probably childish.

I promised myself that I would be honest in my blog - not every single day is roses and candy.  It is really bizarre that the happiest days of my life with the wedding are coming very quickly and yet this death is so heavy.  Life is a lesson in contradictions.  

In order to honor the man that made such an impact on countless lives, I'll leave you with a video.  The song says, "Was I love, when no one else would show up...".  Dale Thompson was love, when no one else did show up.  Dale was the one quietly doing the jobs that no one else wanted to do.  He never asked for recognition and he never asked for praise.  He was an exceedingly intelligent man with strong convictions and superb character.  Dale and Nancy showed love to the least of us and lived their lives as an example to others.  They were humble, hard working, kind, and giving.  May I live like that.  May our lives be lived with so much grace and love that upon our deaths others will speak about us like Dale and Nancy.  May we live like that.       


Song and Lyrics courtesy of Sidewalk Prophets by David Frey, Ben McDonald, and Ben Glover.

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  1. Dale Thompson was my uncle. Thank you for this beautiful post. -Allyson Lyons